• Flu Vaccine Available for Dogs

    Similarly to how rampant human influenza can spread throughout a population, canine influenza is just as easily contracted. This can be through direct exposure to another ill dog, or simply from the environment. Click here to learn how to help protect your dog.

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  • Cabin Fever and Pets

    During the cold winter months in much of the country, people often develop the winter blues due to cabin fever. It is also common for pets to get cabin fever, and they may develop behavior problems as a result of boredom or frustration.

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  • First Aid For Your Pets

    Click here for detailed first aid instructions that you should add to your pet’s emergency first aid kit. Don’t have a first aid kit for your pet? Stop in at our clinic to order yours today.

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  • Pets and Houseplants

    Many of us enjoy having houseplants to bring life to our homes. However, many common houseplants are toxic to our furry and feathered friends. It is a good idea to do some research before purchasing a plant for your home.

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  • When The Weather Outside is Frightful

    How to provide your dog with mental stimulation indoors.

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  • Grooming Cats, Preventing Mats

    Cats are meticulous groomers, so we often put off or neglect to provide some basic grooming needs like brushing. However, there are many reason that a cat may be unable to effectively groom themselves.

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  • Management of Elbow Calluses

    If your pet has developed elbow calluses or they are changing in appearance, start with a wellness examination by your veterinarian who can evaluate and start a treatment plan to keep your pet comfortable.

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  • Paw Care

    Dogs’ paws are made for walking and they’re accustomed to navigating tough surfaces. However, this does not make them immune to sore paws or injury. Fortunately, it only takes a bit of TLC to preserve your dog’s paws and keep them healthy and injury-free.

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  • Extra Treats = Extra Pounds

    Unfortunately many of the treats we give our pets are high in calories, for
    example a large “Milk Bone” treat contains about 115 calories.

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  • Second-hand Smoke

    Looking for one more reason to quit smoking this New Year’s? We all know the danger of smoking on people both first and second-hand. But did you know that second hand smoke also affects our pets?

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