Dietary Prescriptions

We offer a great selection of very high quality, well priced maintenance diets for individual pet life stages. Specific prescription diets as required are also available as part of the treatment plan for many common ailments of pets including kidney, liver and heart disease, as well as weight loss issues and osteoarthrtic conditions. Please consult our veterinary team members for help in choosing the appropriate diet from one of our two manufacturers of pet nutrition.

Medi-Cal Veterinary Diets

Medi-cal is a Canadian company established in 1990 by three veterinarians and a Ph.D. nutritionist. Royal Canin began in 1967 as the vision of a veterinarian in France. In 2004 Medi-cal and Royal Canin united to combine their nutritional expertise, knowledge, innovative technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. With research facilities such as the infamous Waltham’s Centre for Pet Nutrition in England, the Royal Canin Campus in France and the Medi-cal research facilities in Canada, this company provides exemplary veterinary nutritional diets and customer service. The fall of 2008 marks a milestone with the completion and opening of the Guelph, Ontario based Canadian offices and modern manufacturing production facility that will provide unparalleled quality control measures.

Hill’s Prescription Diets

The Hill’s Pet Nutrition company was founded in 1939 by Dr. Mark Morris with the vision of providing superior quality veterinary nutrition. A world leader in pet nutrition for decades, Hill’s “Prescription Diets” provide us with excellent diet recommendations for various lifestages and disease treatments. The Hill’s world headquarters are located in Topeka, Kansas and possess one of the world’s most advanced research facilities for pet nutrition.

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