Mar 09 2015

Why do we play with poop?

Fecals, or stool samples are performed to monitor pets for intestinal parasites. These samples are mainly tested in hospital by mixing the feces with a special solution that helps the worm eggs float. The eggs float to the top of the vial and stick to our coverslip.  We then take the coverslip and check what may have attached under the microscope.  The most common worm egg seen is the roundworm egg.  Most puppies and kittens have this worm and it is also able to transmit to people though lack if hygiene.  Sometimes when we get a negative fecal test, this can be a false negative.  Worms shed eggs at different times so testing a few samples in a row may be necessary.  Regardless, it is always recommended to deworm your pet (outdoor cats too) a few times a year to help keep them healthy!

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