Mar 02 2017

Important Information About Ticks in Muskoka

To all our valued clientele:

Over the past few years, Muskoka, much like most of Ontario, has experienced a rapid and very worrisome increase in the prevalence of Ticks. Many clients are finding ticks on their pets on a regular basis and often this is occurring PRIOR to beginning the typical preventative medications used historically. The most common tick related disease being seen in Ontario (including Muskoka) is Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a concern for humans as well as your pets.

However, other diseases that are being seen with increasing frequency are Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis. These are diseases that historically were never of concern in Ontario.

This has led to significant changes in our protocol for controlling parasites in general and to changes in our Heartworm prevention strategies.

Historically we have utilized Heartworm and Parasite prevention (commonly referred to as “Heartworm medication”) from June 1st– November 1st.

Considering ticks are clearly known to be active and capable of transmission of diseases to your pet in temperatures as low as +2C, we have adopted new protocols for tick prevention that are required much earlier than ever before.  We have even identified ticks on pets in the middle of December this winter.

Your pet requires prevention from the first signs of Spring (weather as warm as +4C for only part of the day) until well into the winter season. We are urging pet owners to initiate preventative medications immediately as warm weather will be soon upon us and Ticks will be actively seen.

Please understand it is the diseases that Ticks carry that are the concern and thus preventative medications that prevent Ticks from being able to engage and actually adhere (and feed) to your pet are the best options. Products found at pet stores or big box stores WILL NOT be effective, and potentially not even safe for use, with your pets.

Please ask one of our Team Members for help in determining how we can aid your pet best.

The teams at Huntsville and Bracebridge Animal Hospitals

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