Feb 23 2015

Fleas, fleas, and more fleas!

One of the many unwanted pests, fleas are unwelcome for both you and your pets. Fleas can create havoc on your pet’s skin, not only creating an uncomfortable feeling but can leave your pets skin infected.  Fleas are also able to carry an intestinal parasite called tapeworms which is obtained when the pets ingests a flea during grooming.

Fleas are a problem for many pets and pet owners especially when the weather turns cooler in the fall months.  Fleas can create unwanted skin issues as well as spread an intestinal parasite called tapeworm.  It is best to prevent fleas from occurring by using prevention before the cooler times of the year.  Prevention comes in either a topical product or a pill form.  By using a prevention once a month you can ensure that your pets remains flea free during these times.