Feb 16 2015

Ear Swabs: Why are they done?

Most people bring their pet to a Veterinary hospital when they see their furry friend displaying signs of discomfort. Some pets come in with owners noting scratching of ears, a foul smell and/ or shaking of the head. These are a few signs of ear problems. When pets come in with ear concerns we take what is called an ear swab and examine this closer under the microscope. We are looking for either yeast and/or bacteria.  Once the culprit is discovered then the veterinarian can prescribe the appropriate drug of choice. You will also be asked to return with your pet for a recheck appointment usually before you run out of medication.  This appointment is necessary so we can   determine whether a continuation of the same medication is needed or a change in medication is warranted.

Often, pets that get ear infections will tend to get them again.


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