Dec 01 2016

A softball inside a cat?!?!

Casey is an aging cat that, while still happy with life, was losing weight very quickly. Her parents are amongst the very best pet owners we have ever known and they did not hesitate to determine was causing Casey’s issues and wished to do whatever they could to help her. A quick physical exam revealed a large and very firm mass within Casey’s abdomen. Diagnostic tests, including an abdominal ultrasound, supported exploratory surgery was Casey’s best option. Casey did amazingly well under general anesthesia (you can see the mass bulging through the abdominal wall prior to surgery) and Dr Jason managed to completely remove a mass the size of a soft ball from her abdomen. The mass turned out to be one of the largest pancreatic adenocarcinomas the pathologist had ever seen in his 40+ year career! Casey recovered so well and quickly, that within weeks she was back to her normal weight and is doing awesome!


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